Open the Gates of San Jeromino!

It was a special place in a young girl’s heart. Then a magical mysterious hummingbird called Colibrí transports Loli and her friends to her 
“heaven on earth.” Join them on a spectacular adventure to far away San Jerónimo, Costa Rica.

“A magical bilingual story that imparts the wisdom of learning other languages and cultures to young children in a completely entertaining way.”
“Es un libro mágico, mucha información sobre Costa Rica con ilustraciones tan bellas.” Sue Goldstein, Director of the Dual Language and Arts Magnet Middle School,Waterford, CT

Nestled in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, in an old town called Alajuela, there is a small coffee farm called “San Jerónimo,” named after the author’s great grandfather. This is the place where Leslie Woods spent many of her childhood summers, riding horseback, swimming, exploring and picnicking with her family. Mrs. Woods, a teacher of Spanish and French, a wife and mother, forever holds her Grampa’s farm near and dear to her heart. Artist Robin Nelson has envisioned San Jerónimo just as it truly is, creating stunning watercolor images of the natural beauty of Costa Rica. By traveling and studying the flora and fauna of the area, Mrs. Nelson a scientist, wife, and mother has captured the essence of this spectacular land.

  • # of Pages: 40
  • ISBN: 9781935258230
  • Size: 8.5 x 11

Open the Gates of San Jeromino!

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