Differentiating Instruction: in a Whole-Group Setting

This is a practical, use it tomorrow resource, for differentiating instruction in a whole-group setting. Pat will show you how to work with your whole class so that everyone is actively involved and attentive. The activities and strategies included can be used across the curriculum with a wide-range of learners. 

Differentiating Instruction in a Whole-Group Setting will give you:

• strategies to engage all learners during instruction time,

• quick and effective ongoing assessments,

• follow-up assignments that allow for student choice,

• ways to use flexible grouping within your whole group setting,

• activities to help students boost their achievement with higher-level

  thinking and questioning.

  • ISBN: 9781935258025
  • Pages: 160 - Softcover
  • Size: 7.8 x 5.1 x 1 inches

Differentiating Instruction: in a Whole-Group Setting

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