Guided Reading Management: Structure and Organization

This book is a comprehensive guide showing educators how to organize and manage their classroom guided reading instruction so students are equipped with the tools needed to be successful in working independently. Teachers are given a practical structure that will enable them to manage four to five guided reading groups. This resource is filled with a wealth of specific, easy-to-implement structures, strategies, ideas, and activities to put all of the components of managing guided reading together successfully. This book is divided into four parts. 

Part 1 shows very specific ways to organize and schedule guided reading groups. There are a variety of different schedules from which to choose depending upon a teacher’s specific classroom needs.

Part 2 gives assignments and activities that students can be working with while the teacher is instructing a guided reading group. These multi-leveled assignments are presented in a way that shows how they can be utilized as learning centers or as independent seat work. The suggested assignments can also be coordinated with the curriculum and books.

Part 3 shows how to get started step-by-step. There is a schedule for the first four weeks of implementing the ideas, activities, and strategies in this book.

Part 4 provides reproducibles of activities as well as a bibliography.

  • ISBN: 9781935258049
  • Pages: 176 - Soft Cover
  • Size: 7.8 x 5.1 x 1 inches

Guided Reading Management: Structure and Organization

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